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Stone Balustrading

Our Stone Balustrading can enhance any property, whether used for finishing off a patio in the back garden, defining an area, or set on a low wall at the front of the house.

We have supplied Stone Balustrading for many projects across the country, large or small.


View the full specification of Stonecrete Stone Balustrading in .pdf format.

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Download Balustrading Spec Sheet


Pricing Guide

Our Stone Balustrading starts from £67 per meter run.
We now offer FREE DELIVERY on orders of £150 and over.

Visit our Online Shop for individual items prices.


Stonecrete balustrades are made from a unique mix of white concrete resulting in a natural cream cast stone frost/weatherproof finish.

We put maximum effort into ensuring that all items are made to the best standard.


All Balustrading parts should be fixed together using a strong motar mix (3 part sand to 1 part cement).

In order for the mortar to blend in, we would recommend using white cement. This can be purchased at your nearest builders merchant.

Stonecrete Large Balustrades - Cream Stone

Stonecrete Small Balustrades - Cream Stone

Stonecrete Small Balustrtading - Cream Stone

Stonecrete Large Balustrading - Cream Stone

Stonecrete Small Balustrading - Grey

Balustrading Arrangements

Here are some popular arrangement ideas when considering quantities:

  • Number of Pillars per set
  • Most of our customers tend to purchase complete sets consisting of 1 Top Rail, 1 Base Rail and either 2 Pillars or 3 Pillars . These two variations of our full set can be found in our Pricing Guide.

  • Using End/Corner Pedestals
  • We recommend using pedestals at ends, corners and also evenly spaced along any great lengths.

  • Large or Small Base Rail
  • We offer 2 sizes of Base Rail.
    Large Base Rail - A wider and slightly higher base rail ( see measurements ) made to sit perfectly on a 2 brick thick stud wall. Let your wall counteract uneven ground and mount your balustrading on top.
    Small Base Rail - A thinner and lower base rail ( see measurements ) which is identical to the top. It is more cost effective and perfect if you want to fix directly to a concrete or paving floor.

  • Pillar Placement
  • Depending on the number of pillars and distance between them, it is good practice to place a pillar at the point where two sets join.

  • Curves
  • Curved rails are now available. Please call for details.


    Once constructed and fixed as suggested above, your Stone Balustrading run will be very stable and robust.

    However, if using above ground level or anywhere which may pose a risk, we suggest contacting your Local Authority for advice.

    Reinforcements can be added at extra cost if required. Please state when ordering.

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